Welcome to the The NEW Charlatans Database WikiEdit

Welcome to the NEW Charlatans Database. This replaces the original Charlatans Database and will, eventually, be a comprehensive source of information relating to the recorded and live output of one of Britain's best bands.

The original database was suspended because it was badly organised and got out of hand, so this new one will be far more sensible and easier to use.

All information, corrections etc are welcome, feel free to add setlists, release info and any scans of setlists, tickets, record sleeves which can help this become the definitive source of Charlatans info. Or even just quite a good source.

If possible please use the summary box to note any contributions or changes you have made :)

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Acknowledgements Edit

This wiki is mostly made up of original research and knowledge with information from the public domain - magazine articles, tour posters, private recordings etc. However, credit is also due to the following websites:

The Charlatans official website

Melting Pot - The Charlatans Discography -

Information also taken from Record Collector magazine - Specifically, issue 193, September 1995 for detailed info on releases.

Some pictures of records taken from Ebay.

If you own any picture used on this wiki, please let me know and credit will be given, likewise if you don't want your picture here email the above address and it will be removed.

Latest activityEdit

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