02.10.90 Toronto, Canada, The Horseshoe Tavern02.11.90 Blackburn, UK King George's Hall02.12.1988 London, UK, London School Of Economics
05.09.89 Dudley, UK JBs07.05.97 Reading UK, Rivermead Centre08.03.90 Liverpool, UK Polytechnic
08.04.92 Manchester, UK Apollo08.11.90 London, UK Kilburn National Ballroom09.03.90 Sheffield, UK University
09.11.89 Manchester UK, Boardwalk10.01.90 Stoke, UK Whetsheaf12.03.93 Brighton, UK Centre
12.05.95 London, UK, Astoria Theatre13.03.93 Blackpool, UK Empress Ballroom14.02.91 San Diego CA, USA, Montezuma Hall
14.03.90 London, UK Boston Arms, Tufnell Park14.05.97 Doncaster UK, Dome Leisure Centre15.02.90 Sheffield, UK Take Two
15.06.91 London, UK Royal Albert Hall18.08.96 Chelmsford, UK: Hylands Park - V96 Festival18.09.92 Kawasaki, JAP Club Citta
19.09.92 Kawasaki, JAP Club Citta21.02.91 Chicago IL, USA, Metro26.04.90 Manchester, UK, International
28.08.92 Reading, UK Reading Festival29.08.89 Walsall, UK Overstrand29.10.90 Newcastle, UK, Mayfair
29.11.90 Milan, ITA Rolling Stone30.09.88Area 51
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The Only One I KnowXX.09.88 Northwich UK, Vics ClubXX.XX.88
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