Setlist Edit


Occupation h. Monster


The Only One I Know

You're Not Very Well

Can't Even Be Bothered


Tremelo Song

Happen To Die


Normality Swing

Sproston Green

(No One) Not Even The Rain

Indian Rope

Notes Edit

Weirdo - early version with different structure and lyrics

Tremelo Song - early version with different structure and lyrics

Normality Swing - this is a completely different song to that of the same name released on the Tremelo Song single, but features the title in the lyrics

'Not Even The Rain' introduced as 'Trademark'. Different lyrics.

Support Edit

New Fast Automatic Daffodils, There was another support band but can't remember the name?

Known Recordings Edit

PRO video known to exist: "We've got early film footage from 89 in Northwich through to the Albert Hall" - Martin Blunt, Record Collector issue 193

AUD - near complete / ANA / 60 ('Opportunity' cuts in)