Setlist Edit

I Never Want An Easy Life If Me And He Were Ever To Get There

Can't Get Out Of Bed

The Only One I Know

Here Comes A Soul Saver


Jesus Hairdo

Another Rider Up In Flames

Happen To Die



(Sproston Green)

Notes Edit

Setlist incomplete. Assume Sproston Green was played.

Support Edit

The Bluetones • Flavour

Known Recordings Edit

AUD / ANA / 30 incomplete due to equipment malfunction.

Partial fragment of show survives on this audience tape - all tracks above except Sproston Green. Not great quality recording. (Note - 'Autograph' and 'Then' were definitely recorded but are currently lost)

PRO? A complete professional / soundboard recording might exist as the show might have been recorded by Fuji TV as per previous night

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